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Norman Robert Catchpole

Catchpole's Studio

Ignite the Passion

The Man Behind the Canvas

I was born in 1952, raised in Cabbagetown, Toronto and spent summers running around barefoot at the family cottage in Hawkin's Corners (Washago).  From a very early age I enjoyed being creative and my first oil painting was at age 8 of a Sear's Catalogue model (incidentally, which I still have!). I am married and reside with my wife RuthAnn, and our pups, in Ramara. I have a daughter, Rebecca, who resides in London, ON.

I am a self-taught artist, with an inclination towards realism/hyper-realism.  I started painting in January of 2020, after a forty-year hiatus from oil portraits (Elton John, 1977). I now utilize acrylics as they provide me with an opportunity to proceed at a faster pace than oils.  I prefer large format scale, bright colours and interesting subject matter.  My method of creating involves utilizing photographs (both hard copies and digital) and prior to commencing a project, I research as much as possible to get an understanding of the subject, i.e., on a visual, intellectual and emotional level.   With rocker portraits I immerse myself in their music and watch documentaries to get a feel for the person and their creativity.

We have just finished renovating a dedicated home gallery to display my work and have also recently completed renovations to a small building on our property to use as a studio.

To sum it up, I'm .....  Big on Color.  Big on canvas.  Big on Life.